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רוח: hebrew; noun: wind, spirit, breeze, ghost, mind, air.

Notice: This account is friends only; I don't subscribe to assure collective privacy. Also, please assume in advance that all entries probably contain triggers, are for mature audiences only, and most of the time are nsfw. The main access of this account is not for deeply personal things, to allow greater networking, and keep much of my private abstract spiritual matter off the easily-accessible part of the internet due to bad experiences involving trolls, and the expected subsequent trust issues. I will, however, still place that subject matter in secured filters and select group accounts which I control and moderate, and discuss things in this account which are personal but not prone to spiritual abuse and personal harassment, such as: detailed but safe-to-share dreams, political bullshit that people need to fucking know even if it gets me bagged and tossed into a cell, other people's theology, and generic daily rants and rambles.

Interests: (always adding; listed here to stay out of searches)
a song of ice and fire, alchemy, angels, animals, anime, anonymous, anthony hopkins, architecture, art, assassin's creed, atari, austria, baking, band of brothers, battlestar galactica, beer, biology, canada, candles, cartography, cirque du freak, classic rock, classical music, classical mythology, coldplay, comics, constitutional rights, cooking, cosplay, dark wave, debate, demonology, demons, dragon ball z, dragon's dogma, dreaming, driving, eddie izzard, fantasy, floriography, folk rock, food, forensic psychology, fullmetal alchemist: brotherhood, game of thrones, gameboy, gaming, geography, germany, graphic novels, great britain, guildwars, guns, hannibal, hellsing, history, horror, horticulture, industrial, interior decorating, invader zim, jak & daxter, johnny cash, linkin park, mads mikkelsen, mafia, magic: the gathering, magick, manga, metallurgy, music, musicals, nature, nintendo, nintendo ds, operas, philosophy, pokémon, politics, ps1, ps2, ps3, reading, red dead redemption, remnants, robin williams, roleplay, samsung, satanism, science, science fiction, sega, shakespeare, skyrim, social networking, sociology, sony, southpark, spellcraft, star wars: the clone wars, steampunk, superheros, swords, tanks, technology, the supernatural, theology, trains, travel, wine, wolf's rain, wolfenstein, woodcraft, writing

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